Methods and Practices Resources

Ledgerwood Lab Experiment Archive Form:
The archive form we use to organize research in our lab, which may be helpful as a template.

The Start-Local Approach:
SPSP 2016 Pre-Conference talk and powerpoint slides  on the importance of thinking about how to align your research practices with the goal of getting it right, how to start today, and how to avoid overgeneralizing what works for your research landscape to what works well for others.

Ledgerwood & Shrout (2011) Resources:

Sample Mplus syntax for generating simulations and estimating power in three-variable mediation models.

Expected bias tool for calculating the expected bias of OLS estimates at varying levels of unreliability.

Data and Materials

Resources for Ledgerwood & Boydstun (2014, JEPG)

Procedure and Materials (Study 2).

Data & Syntax (Study 2).

Resources for Callahan & Ledgerwood (2016, JPSP)

Study materials.

Resources for Sparks & Ledgerwood (2017, JEPG)

Study materials.

Alison Ledgerwood, Lab Director